Practical SQL: A Beginner's Guide to Storytelling with Data

Getting Help

Here's how to get help while installing software or working through the exercises.

First, Know Your Edition

First and second edition copies of Practical SQL have different code and data. Check your cover. If it does not say "Second Edition," you're reading the first edition and should use the appropriate resources. Another way to tell the editions apart is to check the copyright page. First edition is copyright 2018; second edition is copyright 2022.

Review Existing Issues on GitHub

The code and data repositories for both editions have "Issues" sections where readers can ask questions. You can review these to see if someone already asked your question. Or, if you have a GitHub account, you can open an issue of your own.
- First edition issues on GitHub
- Second edition issues on GitHub

Check for Updated Installation Notes

The developers who make and distribute PostgreSQL and pgAdmin occasionally change features and requirements. Operating systems also change. Regardless of which book edition you're using, I'll note pertinent updates on the 2nd edition GitHub.
- Software installation updates

Email the Author

Creating an issue on GitHub is the best way to get help. If you have some other question, feel free to email the author.